Who will be the legal owner post death of a govt. employee, sole nominee or heirs?

Situation : Kindly answer the query. My grandfather, a professor just deceased before his retirement. His first wife passed away and he married again. He'd 5 children (2 sons and 3 daughters) from the first wife, they're married and just 1 daughter (under 18) from the second wife. He made his second wife the nominee. Now, after his demise, who'll be given the benefits (1. PF amount, 2. Pension, 3. compassionate appointment)? Is it the sole nominee who can receive and own all the benefits or all his heirs equitably own as according to succession law? An important point to mention with the recent development in this case is that after his death, his second wife filed an affidavit stating she's the only wife and has the only daughter in succession and tried to sneakingly appropriate all the benefits and PF money and deliberately depriving all other heirs. Now, what kind of case it becomes? And is filing an affidavit filled with erroneous information not amount to a stark violation of law and a deceptive intention?
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Nominee is only act like trustee.

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