Eviction suit filed by landlord for illegal alteration

Situation : Landlord has filed eviction suit that I have constructed illegal mezzanine floor of 9x10 feet. I have a letter from landlord giving permission to repair mezzanine floor but it does not mention size. Landlord has said there was only loft of 3x3 and never a mezzanine floor of 9x10. Building plan shows only loft of 3x3. Municipal assessment report of Mumbai municipal corporation also does not mention any existence if mezzanine loft. It only mentions carpet area as 180 square feet. My mezzanine floor is another additional 90 feet. I have claimed that it was in inception right from before my tenancy in 1978. Is my claim justified as per law as building plan as well as mumbai municipal corporation assessment report does not mention any existence if mezzanine floor of 9x10 feet? Will court ruling say that my mezzanine floor is illegal?
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Dear Sir,

You have to produce sufficient evidence and Court will decide in your favour.

For full procedure contact me on mobile through the Administrators of this Website.

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