How can I sell the property that came through will

Situation : My aunt (has no issues) aged 88, registered a will and passed away recently. I get one house which is immovable. In movable I get other sundry assets and bank deposits. Out of bank deposits i have to give 2.5 lakhs to 4 different people. All the rest is mine. I have got the property mutated in my name and am paying tax. I am told for the ability to sell the house I need to get affidavit from the 4 other people who just get money from deposits and then I can sell the house. My father is the only surviving elder brother of the deceased (age 93) and is also willing to give affidavit to sell the house and take the money. I am told I need not approach the court etc for selling the property got through the will. My intention is to sell the property. So if i enclose copy of registered will the orginal document in the name of deceased and the affidavits of all other parties to will and that of my father can I sellthe house. ashok 9840496636
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Dear Sir,

First get change the katha in your name and then try for selling the property.

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