Situation : We four brothers have ancestors land and a house built on it in the year 1990, but in the year 1993-94, Grampanchayat had registered only two brother's name for collection of housing tax and hence the 8-A extract is in the name of only two brothers. This registration was done without me and my brother's knowledge. As a result they both are not willing to give us our share in the property. The 7/12 Extract is in the name of all our four brother's name. Can you please advise if the name in 8-A extract is proof / document of the ownership of the land and house built on it? If I go to the court is there any chance I will get our share back? Note: The City Survey document says that the house was built by our father in 1990, whereas the two brothers clam it was built by them. Even if they prove it is built by them, is there any possibility that I can get my share in the land at least, as the 7/12 extract have all four brothers name on it? Please advice.
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Advocate Priyanka Chopade

Nagpur, Nagpur
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A: As the Property is Ancestral Property hence everyone is entitled for his share no doubt. Mere name on 8A Extract does not prove that you are not entitled for your 1/4th share in the said property. As the land itself ancestral then though your brother constructed house their they can not denied your rights on the said property.Can i know who was the owner of the said Property ? Is your father alive? Recently my one suit get decreed having same fact. you are absolutely entitled to get your 1/4 th share or whatever may be if there were other LRs . Give brief detailed from whom said property passed. If any one executed W
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Advocate Priyanka Chopade

Nagpur, Nagpur
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A: if your father or Grandfather executed any Will deed? give all details.
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Advocate Chandrashekhar Vithal Jadhav

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A: Dear Sir/Madam, If the Ancestral Property, is having rights only grand children and even partitioned his respective share going to his grand children in the form of ancestral property. Father or Grand Father cannot able to executed a WILL or GIFT the ancestral property. It is settled law.
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Advocate Roshan Prajapati

Giti Khadan, Nagpur
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A: Dear Client As its Ancestral Property so all of you should get same share of its. But yes, you have to go through the proper court process with good lawyer. and one think, check that if your Grand Patent of Parent executed any will deed ? and reply on it for future guidance..
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