Mental harassment by parents

Situation : I am an Engineer and my mother is a housewife (illiterate) and my father is a farmer. Whenever I come to home, they both try to bother me and they always expect my departure as early as possible. My father has been ruling on us since past 20-25 years. He used to beat my mother and abused her. I have 3 sisters who are married. My sisters are aware of this as it is going on since they were single. My mother is illiterate and she has been tolerating this matter since her marriage. My parents used to torture me by saying that we have spent a lot of money for your education and we are still sending you money. I am very honest person and I give all the details of my spent. I give all my money to them whenever I work in some company. But, when I leave a job, they just hate me and try to torture me with their petty language. My father always abuses me and my mother. I am tolerating this since many years. Please let me know what should I do to this matter.
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