Can I file a civil lawsuit to recover this amount from my ex-employer ? Kindly advice whether Summary Civil Suit can be filed?

Situation : I was employed in a company for a total period of 14 months in Mumbai. During my stint with the company, I went to company's head office in France for a Seminar based on the invitation received. This journey (official trip) was done in 2nd month of my employment. For the said official trip to company's head office, I had to renew my passport via Tatkal Mode for which I incurred an expenses of Rs. 9500/- (Rs. 1500 - Renewal Fee, Rs. 2000 - Tatkal Charges & Rs. 6000 - Schengen Visa). As per company's official travel policy, passport issuance and renewal fees can be reimbursed. However, the company changed the travel policy w.e.f. 1st February, 2018 removing reimbursement of passport renewal fees. This expense was incurred by me in December, 2017 and I had gone to France in Jan, 2018. Due to an oversight by me I forgot to submit the expense claim voucher for reimbursement. The same came to my memory in October 2018 (i.e.) 9 months later. Accordingly, I submitted the expense claim voucher for reimbursement of passport renewal fees. Now, the company is denying reimbursement of this amount on this grounds: 1. The expense voucher for reimbursement has been submitted on delayed basis.
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