Wife ran away with boyfriend and her family pressing charges against my family

Situation : My wife ran away with her boyfriend. Since I am not sure of the same, I registered a missing complaint in my nearest police station. Later I came to know that the guy is also missing, and his wife also registered a missing complaint. Now, my wife's family is pressing charges of dowry and domestic violance against my family. Also, they are saying that we have killed and hide her. They once came to our house and misbehaved with my family in my absence. Everyone in my family is very disturbed with this as my family has never been seen such incidents. When discussed the same with my lawyer, he is going ahead with an approach of habeas corpus for the missing person. Just wanted a second opinion if this is the right approach? Also, how to handle my in-laws when they plan to come to my house for the next time. Is there a chance that my family be arrested? Should I look for a bail in advance?
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