How to file a dowry case on husband who is also having affair in office

Situation : Hello ,i got married in 2012,my in-laws took dowry of 10 lakhs and after years and years my husband pressured me and my parents for money like in 2014,2015,2016 by saying reasons like buying new house and visa process ,he also forced us not to tell his parents ,recently i got to know that he had affair from few years and spent whole money for his enjoyment with her....still i tried to compromised but he didnt change and started behaving very rudely with me after his truth came in front of he want to end this marriage and he dont want to return money which my parents gave and i too dont want to be in this relationship but i cant leave the money which is my parents hard earned can i file dowry case and domestic violence case against him and what is the possiblity to get my parents money back....can you please guide me how to proceed further
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