Physical abuse by my son after drinking alcohol/ Evacuate my house

Situation : Physical abuse by my son after drinking alcohol/ Evacuate my house I nourished my son beyond my means and spent all savings on for his business but he could achieve and earn anything and turned alcoholic instead But in return my son is harassing/physically abusing /threatening me from last one year. After a yearlong harassment we are forced to call 100 twice. He vacated the house immediatly to avoid arrest but the next day a false to police complain by my daughter in law was done to hold the property which I have already sold. After spending all savings of him I have just one house left to live He submits some fake papers/accounts and asks 80 lacks which i am unable to fulfill his personal and professional needs from last 20 years What are my legal rights on the following points:- 1. I seek safety on no further abuse and don’t want my son to visit my house again as he can assault me again 2. Can police/ court initiate to evacuate my house which he has rented and a tenant is living illegally without any rent agreement
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