My father worked for a company in Dewas and the employer ate his salary around 11lakhs.He has refused to pay back.what can we do

Situation : I am based in Uk the daughter of the person. I am enquiring that my father is a mechanical engineer above 65 now and worked for a firm in Dewas last year. The employer was not consistent in paying salary and ate up around 11 lakhs. Due to this reason my father left the job as he was made work without pay. Now he is living in Raipur due to permanent address. There are many other employees who were not been paid. we belong to a middle class family and 1 lakhs is a big aount and don't know how to get out money what my father legally owns. Can you please help. We are not in a position to afford very costly solicitor or anything due to already put in a financial arrears.
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