Indian Constitution

In 1949, Indian constitution was adopted by our constitution assembly with 395 Articles and 22 Parts. The assembly was chaired by Dr. Rajendra Prasad and by G V Mavlankar when it meets as a legislative body. The constitutional drafting task is completed in Two year, eleven month and eighteen days with total expenditure of ?6.4 million.  As our constitution is dynamic and accepted few Articles and three other Parts were added subsequent constitutional amendments. So as on date Indian Cons...

Part 1 – Art. 1 to art. 4

Article 1- Name and territory of the union.
    Article 2 – Admission and Establishment of the new state.
    Article 3 – Formation of new states and alteration of areas, boundaries, and name of existing states.



Part 2 – Art. 5 to art. 11

Article 5 – Citizenship at the commencement of the constitution.
Article 6- Rights of citizenship of certain person who have migrated to India from Pakistan.
Article 10- continuance of rights of citizenship.
Article 11- Parliament to regulate the right of citizenship by law.



Part 3 – Article 12 to article 35

Article 12- Definition of the state

Article 13- Laws inconsistent with or in derogation of the fundamental rights.
    Originally, constitution provided for 7 basic fundamental rights, now there is only six rights, one Right to property U/A 31 was deleted from the list of fundamental rights by 44th amendment act 1978. It made a legal right U/A 300-A in Part XII of the constitution.

Some i...

Part.4 Directive Principal of states Policy: Article 36 to Article 51


Article 36- Definition

Article 37- Application of DPSP

Article 39A- Equal justice and free legal aid

Article 40- Organisation of village panchayat

Article 41- Right to work , to education, and to public assistance in certain cases

Article 43- Living Wages, etc. for Workers....

Part 5 – Union Article 52- Artilcle 151

    Article 52- The President of India.

Article 53- Executive Power of the union.

Article 54- Election of President.

Article 61- Procedure for Impeachment of the President.

Article 63- The Vice-president of India.

Article 64- The Vice-President to be ex-officio chairm...

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