All Doctors should prescribe "Generic name of Drugs" or face Action: The Medical Council of India

Admin | Update: 21/04/2017

The Medical Council of India has asked to all Registered Medical Practitioners to ensure prescribe drug with Generic Name legibly and while writing the medicine to patients the generic name also preferably in Capital letters and need to ensure that there is rational one and use of Drugs.

         That’s means, If any Doctor need to give Combiflam ( Brand Name) for simple Body pain then he /She need to right “Ibuprofen, and Paracetamol” (Generic Name).

           This move is meant to prevent Doctors from prescribing Brand Name of Drugs, which may usually costlier. Whereas Generic Drugs are having the same active ingredients. You get the same strength and dosage as the brand-name product, and they're just as safe and effective. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tests each generic drug. The manufacturer must develop their generics using the same standards as their brand-name counterpart.

             Even our honorable Prime Minister had announced that Government intended to move a law to ensure that Doctors prescribe medicine by their generic name only. The biggest advantage of Generic Drugs is the price, Patients can save as much as 60% over the cost of Brand Name. That’s a real plus for older adults on fixed income who take numerous medicine.

            In last few years, many cases come in focus where Few Doctors use to give the prescription support to few specific Medicine Brand or company and in returns getting various costly Gifts, services including worldwide trips from benefitery Pharmaceuticals Companies. At same time, this spending on Doctors is putting additional burden to patients pocket and need to pay more            

              Ask Your Physician to prescribe Generic medicine, By using Generic drugs whenever possible, you can lower your medicine cost and also getting the same strength, dosages and even Quality as the Brand-Name Medicine.

             The Circular Quotes the 2016 amendment of Indian Medical Council professional conduct ethics regulations 2002, which say 1.5 Use of Generic Name of Drugs: “Every physician should prescribe drugs with Generic name legibly and preferably in capital letter and he/she shall ensure that there is rational prescription and use of drugs”.

              All the Registered Medical Practitioners under the IMC Act are comply with the aforesaid provisions of the regulation without fail. For any Doctor found violating clause 1.5 of Ethics Regulation, Suitable Disciplinary action would be undertaken by concerned SMC/MCI.

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