New Cattle Rules and order : The Supreme Court

Adv Priyanka Chopade | Update: 02/06/2017

The Environment Ministry had issue the PIB Press Note with notification issued on the basis of Supreme Court ordered in W.P. (Civil) No 881 of 2014 filed by Gaouri Maulekhi VS Union of India and other . Through this PIB statement clarified that, Guideline to prevent the animals from being smuggled out of India.

Sale of Cows and Buffaloes for slaughter at Animal Market across India is ban under the notification under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Acts. Whereas allow only farmland owners to trade at animal market. The notification also covered other animals like Bulls, Steers, Heifers Claves and Camel trade. They also require purchasing Cattle to provide undertaking that the animal are taken for Agricultural purposes and not slaughter.

More clarifying that this specific provision apply to animals which are purchased and Sold in the notified live stock markets, and release the statement “ The basic purpose of the Rules is to ensure welfare of animals in the cattle market and ensure adequate facilities for housing, feeding, feed storage area, water supply, water troughs, ramps, enclosures for sick animals, veterinary care and proper drainage etc .. the prime focus of the regulation is to protect the animals from cruelty and not to regulate the existing trade in cattle for slaughter houses. It is envisaged that welfare of cattle of cattle dealt in the market will be ensured and that only healthy animals are traded for agriculture purposes for the benefits of the Farmers. The livestock markets are intended become hubs for trade for animal for Agriculture through this process and animals for slaughter will have to be bought from the farmers at the farms. The notified Rules will remove the scope of illegal sale and smuggling of the cattle which is major concern. “

The Ministry of Environment and Forest prepared the draft prevention of Cruelty to Animal ( Regulation of Livestock Market) Rules, 2017. Also invited objection and suggestion from all persons likely to be affected by 30 days as per release.

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