Even Govt School teachers not sending their own children’s to Govt school, showing their own failure : The Madras High Court.

Advocate Priyanka Chopade | Update: 27/06/2017

Observed that government School teachers taking admition of their own children in private school is the evidence the dismal state of teaching in government schools.

The Madras High Court is hearing the petition field by Government Aided Pasupathy Aided Middle School, Pandanllur, Thanjavur District, Challenging rejection of its application of staring English Medium Sections by the School Education Department.

“The very fact that the Government teachers are admitting their children in private schools indicates that the standard of teaching should be high in the private schools which the teachers themselves fail to give to their own students in the Government schools,” Justice N. Kirubakaran observed.

“Unless, teachers are committed to teach the students, our future would not be bright. With many of teachers not reporting promptly to duty, with concentration on their side businesses, even God cannot save Government School students, especially rural students. There is no use in opening English medium sections without revamping the system in toto,” the Judge added.

The Madras High Court observed, “If it is true, the very purpose of starting English medium sections would be frustrated it seems appropriate hands are not employed by the Government n English medium sections. Without appointing and having proper, well-trained teachers with English knowledge, imparting English to the students would not be achieved.”

In todays competitive era every parent want that his child will be get the best Education and become the future of India, And its but obvious Education system is foundation of future. Now a day we had many cases where parent working on daily wages and still take admition in Private schools. This condition result of attitude of teachers working in Government school and which lead to downfall of the Quality of Education. In second word we can say the ability of tearches working with government school is the question mark today.

Apart from above Justice Kirubakaran in the interest of students, raised a set of queries for the authorities to respond to …

1) How many schools are allowed to start English Medium sections, as per the policy decision taken by the Government of Tamil Nadu, vide G.O.Ms.No.180, dated 17.07.2012?

2) How many students are studying in English Medium Sections throughout Tamil Nadu? (Year wise details from 2012-13 onwards to be given

3) Whether the very same teachers, who are teaching Tamil medium students are taking classes for English medium also, as contended by the petitioner?

4) Whether teachers well trained to teach English medium students are appointed to handle classes for English medium sections?

5) If well trained teachers have been appointed, how many teachers have been appointed so far?

6) What are all the qualifications prescribed for recruitment as teachers for English medium sections?

7) What is the reason for parents preferring private schools than the Government Schools, even in the rural areas?

8) Why not the Government make it compulsory to admit the children of Government school teachers in Government schools only, which would eventually improve standard of education?

9) Whether any action has been taken against erring teachers for not reporting to schools in time?

10) Whether Government has formed flying squads to check the attendance of the teachers and their continued presence in the schools during school hours?

11) Why not biometric system be introduced in Government schools, especially the schools located in rural and hilly areas, to ensure presence of teachers on all working days?

12) Why not the Government prohibit the use of mobile phones by the teachers during the school hours to avoid distraction from teaching?

13) Whether is it viable to install CCTV cameras in schools to verify the attendance of teachers and their teaching throughout the day?

14) Will it not be appropriate on the part of the Government to make the seniority of the Government School teachers as State wise or District wise, instead of union wise, so that they can be posted out of their native union in an effort to prevent such teachers from involving themselves in any other business and to make them concentrate on teaching?

15) Whether Government teachers are given continuous training regularly to match the changed scenario in education and teaching?

16) What is the strength of the Government High Schools [upto X standard] in Tamil Nadu and similarly, the strength of the students in village Government schools for the past 10 years?

17) What is the pass percentage in the Government Schools as well as in the private schools in X standard for the past 10 years?

18) What is the pass percentage of the students studying in Government Schools in rural areas for the past 10 years?

19) Why not the Government prohibit the teachers from starting associations or unions, like policemen as the erring teachers are said to be using the associations/unions to prevent any action against them, especially when education is a fundamental right and the future of the students are shaped by the teachers?

20) Why not the Government involve voluntary organizations, NGO's and private players in running/managing/administering the Government Schools in rural areas, without compromising the status as Government Schools, in an effort to improve the quality of education.

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