Child Pornography cannot be justified in the name of “Freedom of Speech and Expression”: The Supreme Court

PR Team | Update: 14/07/2017

Looking toward the increasing incidence of child abuse online supreme court directed to block the child pornography web sites and take all other measures to prevent that such kind of child abusing or pornographic material should not appeared on internet.

Its was first time in December 2016, international police agency banned the child pornography, But on February 2016 it noticed that such child abusing and exploiting materials like videos and photos were suddenly increase and asked to center to act immediately on this issue.

Later on IT Ministry filed an affidavit in the court with “IT Ministry has approved a formal agreement wherein Department of Telecommunications will obtain list maintained by INTERPOL containing domain name hosting child sexual abuse contents and act as an appropriate agency of the government to directed its licenses ISPs ti expeditiously removed or disable access to material found in violation of the IT Act. Further the mechanism to obtained the list containing domain name hosting contents of child sexual abuse is being worked out in consultation with the CBI.”

Wherein February court ask to Center that India cannot “afford to carry on any experiment in the name of liberty or freedom of speech and expression” and suggest the way to ban the child sexual abuse on internet and all such web sites.

The supreme Court hearing the PILs Filed by Advocated Kamlesh Vaswani and supreme court Women Lawyer Association which giving direction to the Center to need to take care of blocking child sexual abuse and pornography by 360 angle and irradiate it.

Finally on 14th July 2017, Center informed the Supreme Court that, we are blocking around 3500 child pornography sites and also take necessary measures to prevent further such material get visible on the internet. The supreme Court said, One need to draw a distinct between art and obscenity and child pornography cannot be justified in the name of “Freedom of Speech and Expression”.

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