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Secretary PWD and State Excise to decide, Liquor ban is applicable to Bar/Shop/ Hotels or not : Bombay HC

Now the Bombay High Court directed the Secretary PWD and Commissioner for State Excise to decide whether certain Bar/ Shop/ Permit rooms are falling under the Supreme Court’s Highway liquor ban order.

Direction on Highway Liquor Ban : The Honorable Supreme Court

The Honorable Supreme Court’s on Thursday 15th Dec 2017 directed the Center and state Governments to ban sales of liquor nearby National and State highways.

New Cattle Rules and order : The Supreme Court

Sale of Cows and Buffaloes for slaughter at Animal Market across India is ban under the notification under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Acts. Whereas allow only farmland owners to trade at animal market. The notification also covered other animals like Bulls, Steers, Heifers Claves and Camel trade. They also require purchasing Cattle to provide undertaking that the animal are taken for Agricultural purposes and not slaughter.

Death Sentence to Nirbhaya Convicts : Supreme Court

Finally, The Supreme Court, observed that their offense fell in rarest of the rare category and had upheld the death sentence awarded to them by trial and High Court.

Indian are waiting with deep sorrow for Supreme court words on #Nirbhaya Case.

Today entire India is waiting for the comments of Supreme Court on Nirbhaya Case. Looking toward the entire case, Will Supreme Court confirm and continue the death sentence of Delhi High court.

All Doctors should prescribe "Generic name of Drugs" or face Action: The Medical Council of India

The Medical Council of India has asked to all Registered Medical Practitioners to ensure prescribe drug with Generic Name legibly and while writing the medicine to patients the generic name also preferably in Capital letters and need to ensure that there is rational one and use of Drugs.

“Service Charge” is not compulsory at Hotel and Restaurants : Food and Consumer Affairs Ministry

Paying Service charges, is completely decided by customer only and Hotel and Restaurants should not decide the amount of service charge. Bill presented to customer may clearly display that service charge is voluntary and the service charge column of the bill may be left blank for the customer to fill up before making payment.

In Case of Divorce, 25% of Husband net salary would be given to Respondent–Wife: Supreme Court.

25 % of Husband’s net salary would be just and proper to be awarded as maintenance to the respondent-Wife. The amount of permanent alimony awarded to the Wife must be benefiting the status of the parties and the capacity of the spouse to pay maintenance.

Justice Gita Mittal will take charge as Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court

Delhi High Court, Present Chief Justice Gorla Rohini will retired on Thursday 13th April and Justice Gita Mittal, the Senior most Judge of the Delhi HC will take charge as Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court from 14th April 2017.

All educational certificated should stringently verified before enrolling as lawyer: The Bar Council of India.

The all newly law graduates need to full fill the stringent verification process while enrolling them-self as lawyer.

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