By mistake signed up an account with others

Situation : I had recently downloaded an app called skout , I have done naked sex chat in that app with strangers , I feel extremely guilty about it , I had created a new email I’d for it ,but I realized today that the email I’d i have used was somebody else’s not mine , the email I’d thst I used to sign in skout was not mine , i m scared about one thing , hypothetical situation in which a guy wants to blackmail me with my naked pics , and he gets the email if which isn’t mine as I typed it wrong by mistake , and she get blackmailed and if that girl is too innocent that she might be blackmailed shouting naked pics ( naked pics of mine , not the girl whose email I’d I typed by mistake), If she gets a major loss because of the blackmailer will I have any problem because of that , will I go to jail , because I typed wrong email I’d that made the blackmailer who wanted to blackmail me but insteas blackmailed that email I’d girl , I’m considering that email I’d girl to be stupid , will I have any major problem ??
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