How to deal when company is not giving relieving letter after serving notice period or buy back

Situation : My question is for dealing with "India Private IT Service Companies and Consultancies/staffing companies providing contract to hire job to their Clients/other IT Service Companies" I am looking clever solution (prevention is better than cure) to deal these all situations 1) Sometime after serving the notice period when I ask relieving letter, then they say “we can’t give you relieving letter because our client can’t relieve you so don’t worry client will make you permanent after few months.” Which never happens 2) Sometime they say “it’s long procedure and lot of approvals are required to generate a relieving letter so just wait for few days”. Now in this situation if I am getting permanent offer from other company and I am not submitting relieving letter of current employer on time, then i lose this new permanent job offer also. 3) Sometime they hold up the salary, if notice period is ending at the end of the month and either tell to continue job or they will not give salary and relieving letter and also abscond candidate 4) Firing any time when they want without informing candidate/employee, but expect from candidate to inform them before 3 to 2 months if he wants to quit.
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