Harrasment from NBC Loan Recovery

Situation : I am in urgent need of help. Getting back to back calls from the loan recovery team as they are harassing me and my family and my company coworkers by calling them, sending my personal info like my aadhaar and pan card also stating that I am a defaulter. Also telling me that they will ask my company to hold my salary, bonuses etc if I don't pay and also will get me out of the company soon. I never denied to pay them but the amount was Rs 12,500 and when I wanted to pay, now they are demanding Rs 26,000 also I am the only member working in my family. They have also hacked all my contacts on my phone and email. I am also getting bumbarded with the calls from the people who I don't even know. Need help in stopping all this, Also I need to pull them into court now and also need compensation from them as I am being mentally tortured and because of this my health is getting affected and also can't concentrate on my family, my job and also because of this I did tried doing a physical damage to Myself but was saved by God's grace. Want to get out of this soon. So please help.
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