Wrongful Termination

Situation : Hello, I worked for a company lets say ABC. I worked there for about 6 months and my manager was having personal issues with me as I used to highlight the issues the team was facing from my manager to the HR and my hierarchy. My manager was stealing our incentive money and illegal deduction of salary by deducting half days when we were present for full 9 hours in office. My manager was also a VP of the company. So he had the influence and asked me to resign forcefully and didnt even gave a chance to give my justification neither allowed me a 30 days time to give notice and search for a job. They gave only 7 days to leave the job and treated me badly and singled me out which led me taking treatments for anxiety and depression. I am basically jobless from this month and not able to get job as well on top of that paying medical bills for the depression treatment. Please suggest the procedure to sue them as I cannot bear lawyer charges being jobless and also the amount which I can sue
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