Where I can file a case for this, in Shahdol (M.P.), where I live ?

Situation : I was hired by an Oil Exploration Contracting company based in Barmer (Raj.) to work as Project Manager for their seismic data acquisition project in Jaisalmer (Raj.) on a consolidated salary of Rs. 1,00,000 pm. The appointment letter clearly stated that I will be with the company up to the end of the project. If any discrepancy by any one of the parties, three months\' notice and payment should be borne by the defaulter. After working for 3 months for the company, mid-way in the project, my services were terminated without any notice, due to so called \'not so good performance\'. The company is refusing to pay notice money. I live in Shahdol (M.P.). What legal action can be be taken by me for the recovery of salary in lieu of notice money from the company ? What is an appropriate court of law for this ? Can I go to an appropriate court of law in Shahdol (M.P.) for this ?
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