Question regarding Employment bond. Suggest me what can I do.

Situation : Good evening..I am Shiv and I am from Delhi. I started a job in July 2018 and signed an employment bond of 18 months and submitted a cheque of 6 month's salary as a security. Also I signed on a stamp paper. As per the hr..I was asked to get proper training and as per the bond..I was given the post of a trainee for the period of 6 month's . But now the HOD is forcing me to do all the work perfect as experienced one does..he keeps shouting loudly. And in the name of training..a senior tought me for 15 days, 45 minutes daily. They haven't spent a single penny on my training and HOD keeps shouting on me daily. It has become a slave. I want to leave, can't continue anymore Please advise me what can I do.
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