My husband wants to divorce,I do not want it. Is there any way to salvage my marriage legally?

Situation : In 2016, my husband decided not end our marriage as he had no 'feelings' for me. I tried counseling, but he refused to cooperate. I would like to try and save my marriage, but without his support, I can't do much.I have been married to him since 2011 and we separated in 2016. Until 2017 he supported me little bit financially by paying for some investments he made and once in a way giving me some money to meet my living expenses. In 2018 he withdrew all support except paying for 2 insurance policies.I had started a new business in 2015 with his knowledge . After separation, I asked him to help me out financially, he said he will do the best he can, but nothing happened. I am borrowing Money to make ends meet in business and in personal life. It's been 3 years of separation, I have given up, and I asked him to settle peacefully so that I can move forward in life. He has asked me to name my terms. I am concerned will 3 yrs of separation will be a problem legally for asking a settling amount? Also, I could not consummate our marriage as I felt unsafe from day one of our marriage due to his abusive nature, will that be a challenge for me to get justice legally? Please advise.
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