Can a case be done on employer, if they are not giving experience letter and asking Gross income in due of the notice period.

Situation : I am in a contract to hire position with my employer. I got release from the client twice because of funding issue. First time I found myself one project and stayed, second time release was cancelled as funding came back. Seeing the situation I thought to get myself a stable opportunity before I was unemployed. Also, there was no work and was kept just for resource funding. Once I found the opportunity, I asked for exit on a specific day as the requirement was immediate. But I was not given that date as client needed me for that months funding. I agreed as I didn't wanted to continue in such work environment anymore. I got release from client side, but my payroll company is not completing my exit formalities and has not given any confirmation on the same even after 1 week of release. They want to force me to pay two months gross income and have not given my salary for the month when I resigned saying salary will be on hold until full and final settlement happens. The appointment letter says that I am in all well relationship nature and it will not be treated under the constraint of contract. The signed hard copy of the contract was not shared.
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