What to do if Family court asks me to submit Affidavit to dispose the case in 3 months

Situation : I am Respondent in divorce case in Hindu marriage, filed by my wife. During counselling stage, i was set Exparte for non appearance of 2 hrg's. And the stage was petitioner (wife) exparte evidence. Immediately I filed set aside petition IA u/r Or 9 r 7 within 30 days. My IA petition allowed with 2 conditions 1. Husband to pay Cost Rs. 5000/- to wife 2. Husband to give undertaking in the form of affidavit binding himself to give his fullest cooperation to dispose the original divorce petition within 3 months. Allowing set aside petition with cost 5000 Rs. Is ok , but additional condition to submit Affidavit- In a family matters can family court pressurrize the respondent / husband like this taking advantage of allowing set aside petition in civil procedure code order 9 rule 7. I am ready to pay cost but how to avoid submitting affidavit to dispose case within 3 months Please suggest what to do. Should I apply revision or review petition.
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