What will happen to my job, if bihar govt revoke it's decision after years? will there be any criminal charge against me?

Situation : I belongs to bihar. There are three caste there, LOHAR, LOHARA, LOHRA. Lohar and Lohara both is written as ????? . LOHARA/LOHRA comes under ST list of Central govt. I am from LOHAR. Recently Bihar govt put LOHAR under ST in state. But it's still in OBC in center. Bihar govt's stand is LOHAR and LOHARA both are same. Now after inclusion of LOHAR under ST in state, Bihar govt is issuing certificate to all LOHARS in the name of LOHARA(?????) which is ST in centre. On this Lohar and Lohara, talks are going on between state and center. (State govt has sent ethanographic report to prove Lohar & Lohara are same). For a central govt job, I asked the department for OBC certificate but they denied and said I am ST and they have orders to issue ST only in whichever script we want. So I got a central govt job under ST quota. I verified the certificate online on bihar rtps site, it shows my detail. It is obtained from the department genuinely, and they have record of that. They have been issuing certificates since a couple of years.
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