Disinherit Wife from Husband and Her In-Laws property

Situation : Respected Sir, I wife abusing and beating her husband can he disinherit his wife from his property after disinherit can wife able to get anything from husband property. If husband able to disinherit his wife what is procedure for it under which section of law husband able to disinherit his wife.Can wife able to challenge disinherit by husband and husband will at the time of husband is living or after the death of the husband.On which grounds husband will and disinherit wife by a husband will be challenged.Husband is solely owner of his property can his will not always stand.Can husband parents disinherit their son from their property in this case can wife of husband able to get anything from her in-laws property.What is procedure for it and under which section of law.If wife is abusing and beating her husband.She is well educated and able to earn she is living with her parents can husband liable or responsible to pay maintence or alimoy to wife.If they have no children.Reply me on singh.harjinder19@ymail.com
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