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Situation : Actually my husband have relation ship with a minor girl. and her mother support their relation as they are benefited with money from my husband. he got engaged with her engagement in presence few neighbours and her family members which is illegal as he is married and girl is minor, they are from backward and lower middle class people. hence might do anything. Pls guide me to save my husband from this issue. Pls advice me that if the minor girl complains about my husband he can be punished? if yes how can we save him. as that girl made her relation to get money and financial benefits with my husband. he wanted to stop his relation with that girl but he is not clarifying anything to us but afraid of something.i guess might complaint that girl might do on him. she will be of 18 in Aug 2019 and after that she may claim and prove living relation with him if she have any proof . pls guide me and show some path . can photographs are used as evidence which she might have for their engagement . i don't know my husband have any photograph or not. but as he is married and she is minor their. engagement is not void. Kindly advice the same
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