Does An Illegitimate Child have a rights of Father’ self acquired property ?

Situation : Respected Sirs/Madam, I am an illegitimate child and i want to know if i have any rights on the massive properties ( Now Sold & they planning to buy new one ) in Gujarat-Palanpur of my father’ self acquired property.Now my father & his wife’s ( with sons ) sold the property which was my Father’s Acquired only. All the money will used to buy new property with ownership of my father’s first wife. My father’s behaviors is not good right now. My father still Alive & lived with them. I can prove that my Mother & My Father had a good relations like marriage but legally they were not married or legally husband wife. I have all documents proof that I am son of my father with proof of society. Since I born to till my marriage I was lived with them. ( with my father, his wife & his sons ) but thereafter I left my father’s house since 13 years ago & I settled in Ahmedabad due to JOB. I lived in Ahmedabad as a Tenant with my wife/children's I think my Farther don't want to give me anything. I have no supports of anyone as i am only one child & no relation with my Mother's family.
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