How can I stop my brother from harrassing me for property and how to take action against defamation on the internet

Situation : So my father purchased a few lands in a joint name-my brother and me are the joint holders of the lands.Offlate, my brother has been threatening me to sign off the Property papers and take some amount of money from him in return which i am not ready for. I want it to be in status quo .is this possible?how do i stop my brother from harassing me and sending me legal notices in future?hes not doing it now coz my father is alive. And my second question is I am a youtuber..i am a public figure. What if my brother starts posting lewd comments and making false allegations and defaming me through online posts and my videos?he has been abusing me so far and has sent me lewd emails in the past.he is capable to doing this. So if this happens in future..can i file a case for defamation though i am a public figure? Please do let me know
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