I recently bought a flat registered on my name. But now I dont want it. And previous owner is not willing to buy back.

Situation : Hi I'm Vamshi Krishna from Hyderabad working inDelhi and recently say 15days back I bought a resale 2bhk directly from a owner in Hyderabad. I paid full amount and got it registered in my name but soon I realized that I paid more for that old property because the same sft apartment I was getting in the next block for much cheaper price. And also I'm facing lot of water leakage issues in this flat. I spoke to last owner and asked him if he could take back the flat and return my payment but since its already registered in my name the owner says he doesnt require that property anymore as such he sold it off and is saying he will no longer look into the pipe leakages in apartment as now I'm the present owner and it's not his duty. Can you please tell me is there a way I could file a case and get back my money and transfer back this property on the last owners name. Please advice.
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