Can we change date of birth after complete matriculation in 2012?

Situation : I have two older brother. First have date of birth 24/06/1993(25yr), second have dob 08/03/1994(25yr), and I am third have dob 02/01/1995 (24 yr)(See gap between us 8 month, to 10 month resp.).But actually my first brother dob is correct but not remaining two. My (third) actual dob in nursery school is 07/01/1997(22yr). But at the time of my second brother (actual dob 8/3/1995)(24yr)wad going in first class they registered me also in first class.from then we both was in same class.but at the time of registration in first class they changed my dob by two year two attain age of 6 year. I have only this two proof, first gap contradiction and second nursery school registration. Is there is any solution?
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