How to defend if after my sister arrange marriage I come to know that she already married in court with someone one year back

Situation : My sister got married through arrange marriage one month back.The marriage was done with her consent and she used to speak to the groom before marriage and she agreed and then only we proceeded for marriage. After almost 20 days of marriage, one guy is coming to us and saying that my sister is already married to him in court one year back and he produces a marriage certificate which may be forged as my sister is denying but I m not sure whether it is true or not. Now the guy is threatening us to file a case that the second marriage is invalid. Just to let you know my sister was staying with us and she never had night out in past not a single day. She was just working from 9 AM to 6PM daily and coming back to the home. Now I want to know what legal procedure can the guy take if the marriage certificate is true and How we can defend it as my sister is happy with the arrange marriage took place one month back and she does not want to speak with the other guy who is claiming that she is married to him. Please tell me the possibilities to handle this and to save my sister arrange marriage. Please reply to my email id
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