Dispute related to path(road) to one of our agricultural land which is surrounded all sides by other person.

Situation : We have agricultural land of 50 cents which is surrounded all sides by other person,only way to reach that land was water harvesting lane which was there from ancients days when water harvesting happening from near by pond, that to only human walk-able.Now the problem is nobody is using those water harvesting small lanes as ponds are always dry and water harvesting happens mostly from bore wells.Now the person who is having lands surround to it has blocked that lane saying these are not legally documented and its my own land, also stopped us from using it to reach our land .Now totally we don't have any way to reach our land,we checked with revenue deportment as well weather those lanes were there in their records but they have not recorded those lanes it seems.So now we cannot use that agricultural land as there's no way to reach it.Now i would like to ask, is there any way to get the road legally to such land.we have strong witnesses regarding, those were pond related lanes and we were using those lanes for two,three generations.
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