Please help me!! I am really scared and in depression to

Situation : Please help. I don't know what to do. Many negative thoughts are coming in to my mind. My name is xyz and am early twenties. Recently i had contacted a prostitute and we had decided to meet in a lodge. ( This was my first time and the worst plan). So when i entered the lodge, the receptionist asked me 1k for room and i gave him. After 10 mins waiting in the room, the grl came and she asked for the money before the act. So as per the conversation i had given her 3k. Then she started her drama and told i need more money and all. After 5 mins of discussion i thought its better to leave and came out of the room. She refused to give the money and told me i will call police and file a case on rape on you. So i left the hotel and clicked a pic of the hotel. After that hotel manager came and started hitting me cause i had taken a picture of his hotel and he called two three more guys and they started hitting me with bamboo sticks. He had clicked photos of mine and my bike number plate and told me that he will publish the photos in newspapers and he wont allow to me go anyway. After begging for 15 mins he left me. Please help me what should i do file a case or remain silent
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