Relatives occupying my mothers property,refusing to vacate and filed a case against us how to handle this and vacate them?

Situation : Hello my name is Momein, i live with my mother her name is Apranjiny. my mother owns a Property which she had left in her relatives care because she had to move to another state for some time (Tamil Nadu to Andhra Pradesh) and was not in much contact with her relatives. but recently she came to know that they have occupied and constructed a 2 story house on that property, and further_more made a forgery settlement deed by impersonating. we went to the city commissioner and had them file an FIR Which went to court proving them of forgery and impersonation at this point they cried and begged to my mother that they will lose they're life so please withdraw the case, we will vacate and return all your documents so my mother took pity and agreed on the condition that the forgery deed is cancelled legally so there was cancellation deed registered by my mother received it through court, now after 7 months they again refuse to vacate and filled a case against my mother claiming that the property was purchased by they're mother with her money and they want the property for themselves, but it was bought by my mother Apranjiny who worked and saved to buy it. please advice.
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