Parents asking maintenance from unmarried daughter having job

Situation : I'm 26 years old , unmarried working women . My father is having job and my mother is housewife. I'm having salary 32k monthly and I have taken personal loan , need to pay emis and my food ,rent etc . I'm giving monthly 10k for my mother for her rent . She is too greedy and now she wants a house for 20k rent . I'm not that much rich . Whenever she asks money I borrow from friends and will give her somehow. My father and I do not own any property. He is also suffering a lot because of her . Now she saying she will go to court and asks for maintaining from me . I want to know , if court believes her side and asks me to pay maintenance ,what will be the monthly amount? .my father is above 60 and he is having a job . Then is it needed that I should pay maintenance ??
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