Property seller sold borewell sharing to neighbor before property selling to me

Situation : Hi, There are three-person involve in this Case: 1- I Current Owner, Plot No. C-115 South Side ( Size 10x50 = 500sqft). 2- My property seller, 3- Neighbor Plot No. C-115 North Side ( size 20x50 = 1000 sqft). On December 18, My property seller wrote an affidavit(Rs 100 Stamp for Rs 40000 Amount) to my neighbor to share the borewell which is in my Plot Area(500sqft). And on May 19, Property seller sold me the Property to Me(500 sqft House). I ask him about the Borewell sharing at the time of property purchasing, Seller told me we have shared this borewell but No entry mentioned in Sale deed/Registry. I ask my seller to provide me a copy of that affidavit but he didn't provide me then I ask my neighbor on October 19 about the affidavit and he provides me a copy of the affidavit on December 19. I ask my neighbor that I will pay you the money of 40000 and you surrender the sharing but he does not agree, He demanding me 1 Lakh rupees. I want full right on borewell and remove the sharing of my neighbor.
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