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Situation : My grandfather passed away in 1976. He had some self owned property. He has 1 son, 3 daughters. In his life duration, he did marriage to one daughter. My family is a joint hindu family. After my grandfather died, my father did marriage to his two youngest sisters with his earning from agricultural land. He changed all my grandfather's property ( mutation ) to his name by oral partition with his sisters in 1980's. My father passed away in 1995. After that, my mother changed all his property to me in 2000 (she has full rights to her husband property) .She wrote gift deed everything to me by registration in 2000. I have one sister. My mother gave all her jewels to my sister. We both made oral partition in 2000 itself. My mother passed away in 2012. After that, my sister filled a suit for partition in end of 2012. At the same time, my three aunties ( father's sisters) asked in that to join them also parties. They are in that from 2013. But, my sister withdarwn her case in 2017. My auntie's case is in pending. From the last two years, I am not in a job. Can I sell my properties , the case is in the court? What will outcome in the case? Patta, EC & giftdeed , property tax everythin
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