What legal actions can take on pet dog of my neighbour who tried attack on me when made free in morning on society road

Situation : I am a lonely lady and cancer patient , stay alone, from since last few days my neighbour lady allow free her pet dog on society road , who barked at us ,tried to attack on people like dudhwala ,su bjiwala my auto driver so I afraid that I may become service less of these people in future , I can't walk or run if dog attack on me ,and will may have injury, I today talked with her and requested not to make free her pet on road without belt , she promised me to take care ,but meanwhile I want to know if she break promise what legal actions I can take against her as this is question of life and death of me , if I will injured nobody is there to take care of me kindly guide me free in this matter and obliged as now I have no money to spend on this due to my diseases I e cancer and past effects of chemo therapy on me
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