What is the difference between DV and CRPC 125? Do I need to pay to my wife in both the cases?

Situation : I am from Pune. Married on 10-02-2019. She started quarreling from 3-4 days after marriage. She left our house on 3-04-2019 and went to her parents. Just because she don't want to stay with my parents. I am only one son to my parents. I cant leave them. Then i sent 02 legal notices to her to come back to me. She came back on 5th June, 2019. At that time i took her in written that she will behave well with me and my parents. But after that nothing changed. She started torturing us more than before. Then she again left our house on 21st July, 2019 and found in her parents house after 02 days. Then she filed fake 498a on me, my parents and my 02 sisters, on 08-10-2019. Then she filed Fake DV on 13-11-2019. Now I need to put my Say on DV case. She is asking for 20 lack Rs. as compensation and 10K per month in DV case. Also they may file CRPC 125. I want to know, do I need to pay in both the cases.
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