My Aunt and Uncle sold the share of property to someone.

Situation : Hi, My Aunt and Uncle sold the property to someone.It was registered on my grandfather name. We are staying on same property since 1996 till now. The property was sold in 2012-2013. The total land is 2.5 Guntha and 7 brother & sisters.It was not divided among them.But the Sister & brother sold there share of property without our consent. My father is no more. How can i clain property again.The property was sold without our permission. we had no idea or clue about the property was sold by My fathers sisters and brother. What am i suppose to do now. I gave offer to the buyer And the land buyer is asking double the amount of land which he purchased or investe in it. Even though he is ready to make construction of apartment and not willing to give us a flat. He is asking for construction cost in it. What am i suppose to do now? Is there any Law for the same ! Please reply on this. Need Help.
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