I do not want a divorce, only judicial separation. All I want is that she should immediately be sent to mental hospital.

Situation : I have a mentally unstable wife . She is harassing me since last 10 years. Her behaviour and conduct are extremely bad. I have a adorable daughter who is 11 years old. Examples of her insane behaviour are — Since last three years, she stopped my daughter from going to school. She does not allow her to play with other kids. My daughter is being used as a weapon by her, and I have to watch helplessly. She shouts abuses at neighbours, using slang words and often has quarrels with them for no reason- I had to change my rented house almost every year since last 11 years. I fear that I would be implicated for any drastic action taken by her. Severe embarrassment to me as this behaviour gets witnessed by the neighbours. She is not ready to go to doctor for counseling. I asked her umpteen times to see a psychiatrist with me. She denies that she has a problem and continues to refuse to get help. She speaks absurd and non- sensical statements all the time. She behaves very strangely and childishly. She is obsessed with ritual cleaning of clothes. She often threatens me with police action stating that she will file a police complaint.
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