Husband forcing wife for Divorce

Situation : Hi am Divya a NRI from Dubai, I had a arranged marriage 18 months ago, my husband was based in India and agreed to shift here to Dubai and find a Job. But after our marriage he came here to Dubai only after 7months, even after coming he continuously harrassed me for dowry and I was spending every penny I earned on him. He rejected all the offers he got and went back to India after 6 months so I came with him resigning my job but after that also they harrassed me for dowry and I went into depression and attempted suicide. So I was sent to my home, even after that they called me and tortured me I was not able to live peacefully so I left India after the pandemic and came in search of a job. Now they create problems and are threatening my parents and also abusing them asking us to file divorce. What to do in this case please advice
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