Can we file a suit or application to rera, consumer court, cooperative court or civil courts.

Situation : The building had 35 flats ,a person buys 25 flats,10 flats were also brought by him ,but in name of friends, it was cooperative societies, Then the building was demolished under redevelopment and 47 new flats ,17 were sold,35 flats were freely alloted in return of old flat s, barter system , The buyer who brought 25 flats himself a developer, Now all 47 sold ,the developer has no flats ,he give pocession without Oc now three years no OC , the society is in his hand not changed the name of new owner in share certificate but maintenance he is taking but not showing book of account , minor and major defects in buildings not repairing , which court ie rera also can we file a case for OC, no OC no maintenance rera judgement, and defeciency in work in which court.
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