What To Do if a Litigant submitted Tampered Document in a Court as "True Copy"

Situation : In a matrimonial case, the wife submitted an application before the Trial Court. Later, she challenged the Order of the Family Court in the High Court. Here, she submitted a tampered copy (tampering in multiple places) of the said application after affixing a "True Copy" stamp and her signature. As is the norm, she had also included an Affidavit on the last page which says that "All the Annexures are True Copies of the original documents". A few months later, she filed an Additional Affidavit where she included a correct/non-tampered copy of this application. However, she never informed the Court that she had earlier submitted a tampered copy. The husband had accepted everything in good faith at the time and those were bulky submissions so it didn't come to his attention right away. Both documents are part of the record. Questions : In light of the facts as above, would it attract the offence of Sec. 463, IPC and other relevant Sections re: Forgery and False Evidence ? If so, how to go about it ? Once again, this is not a case where tampering was done in Court. Instead, copy of the Trial Court document was tampered with and then submitted as the "True Copy" in a higher Court
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