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Situation : I was working as CS in one company in 2017 during which i met our office staff member who is accountant and we were good friends. In 2018 i quit the job and joined another company. In between from 2018 to 2019 i do not met my friend. In last quarter of 2019 i received call from my friend to start new business. Then, after meeting we have opened 3 new firms with gst registration in December 2019 and March 2020. But we dont have start any business due of lack of time and covid disease and filed NIL return of these 3 firms. Now DGGI had raided my friend premise and put charged on him for fake invoices and fake claimed of input credit on his previous proprietory firm. But i dont have any knowledge about his previous firm nor my friend tell anything about his previous firm. Now, i got summon under section 70 of CGST and i attended this summon and record my statement that i dont have any knowledge and connection with my friend previous proprietory firm, but authorities are not trusted on me
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