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Situation : I have got a refund order almost a year back from the Karnataka state consumer forum against the builder who has not appeared in court for defending. Recently came to know that my lawyer did a mistake, he did not mention that my flat (which is partially constructed) is already registered and mortgage in the bank in the petition while filing the case. As a result, I got a refund order whereas all other associate members (120 nos) of society asked for construction right to the association have been permitted. Most likely builder is not going to refund my money so I wanted to get a construction order to build my remaining construction of my own. Can I approach the state forum again by presenting my sale deed which was not mentioned in my earlier petition by the lawyer and ask for a modification of the order to construction rights (own)? I am ready to pay common amenities cost to the association and do construction inside my flat which is already registered in my name. Pl suggest.
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