What is the procedure to get the document which is not placed in the record

Situation : The case has been filed against me by complainant U/s 200 of Cr.P.C to prosecute the accused for the offense u/s 138 of NI Act. In order it mentioned in respect of a business transaction accused issued the cheque ......... case to prosecute the accused for the offense p/u/s 138 NIA. Complaint under section 200 Cr.P.C read with section 138 of NI act as follows, sl.No. 2 : The complainant submits that complainant and accused are well known to each other since several years. The complainant has filed the suit against the wife of the accused for the relief of partition and such other reliefs, the said suit was ended in a compromise, accused being the agreement holder of the suit schedule property has agreed to pay a sum of Rs. ….. The above-mentioned document such as " suit detail against and agreement copy". were not placed on the record. Now Question: What is the procedure to get these documents from the complainant thro' court in which the complainant has filed a false case against me. for your information, this cheque is a missing/stolen cheque which I have already issued the stop notice and lodge missing complaint in the police station.
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