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Situation : This query is for possible ownership of land & ancestral bunglow in Goa. The land is in the name of my late great grandfather. He had 2 children, an elder daughter (X) & a younger son (Y), both deceased. The daughter (X) has 2 daughters, elder daughter(A) has 2 sons & the younger daughter (B) is deceased & has 1 son & 1 daughter. The son (Y) has 3 children, 1 elder daughter(L), 1 son (M) & 1 daughter (N). (L) has 2 daughters, (M) has 1 son & (N) has 1 daughter. The house was never transferred from my great grandfathers name. Presently, it is occasionally inhabited by (N), since she is the only person with a Goan domicile. The electricity & water bills are also on her (N) name for the convenience of all since the last 2 years. It was renovated a year back by (M) which was paid entirely by cash, no bills preserved. My questions are, Who is most likely to inherit the property? If there is a mutual understanding between (L), (M) & (N) that the house will be given to (M) since he is the only son of the only son of the owner, is this enough & possible? Do the electricity & water bills anything to do with inheritance? Do the maintainance & renovation bills have anyt
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